Integrated Security - introduction



The Integrated Security Business Unit has two primary areas of activity: turnkey supplier of integrated security solutions to the UK end user market and supplier of access control and perimeter systems to a worldwide network of Business Partners.

Within the UK, Remsdaq undertakes turnkey contracts which cover the following disciplines:

Outside of the UK, Remsdaq’s approved Business Partners are fully trained in the installation and maintenance of our products.

Our products include the StarWatch and EntroWatch security management systems, StarNET, EntroStar EntroStarDUO access control products and SabreFonic, SabreLine and SabreTape fibre optic perimeter systems.

Whatever your security needs, Remsdaq will assess the risks your premises, activities and operations present and design a solution using leading edge technology and proven techniques.  

A professionally managed customer help desk ensures that requests for help and assistance with operational problems or equipment failures are formally recorded, assigned for action, and that customers receiving timely updates on the corrective action plan.  Internationally, the Remsdaq Business Unit operates via a network of technical business partners, fully trained in the application, configuration and field support of the products and systems. Read more on support: