Celeste HMI

Q:  When trying to log in to PC Celeste, the message 'No DDU Service Available, All Requests To DDU Will Timeout' appears?

A:  Ensure that the Network card is terminated correctly and the machine has the correct IP address as defined in the C:\Starlink\Data\Starlink.ini file.

Q:  What is the default username and password after a new installation of PC Celeste? 

A:  This is a security issue, so please contact Remsdaq.

Q:  I am unable to display Events within the Events Application?

A:  Ensure that the Event Server is installed, the hard disk drive where the Events directory is located  is shared and has a name of the drive letter a for example.

Q:  Is it possible to have a mimic appearing a soon as the Graphics application is started?

A:  Yes. In the sigmap.cfg file which resides in c:\starlink\bin add the entry BootMimic 'MimicName' where MimicName is the name of the mimic you want to appear each time the graphics application starts. Note that the command is case-sensitive with a space after BootMimic.

Q:  When starting to run PC Celeste the message a 'could not open language file' appears?

A.  If this is a Slave machine ensure that it can connect to the Master. On a Slave or a Master ensure that the Win.ini is set correctly and that the correct language files are installed in the Starlink directory.