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CelesteNX System

Operator (RunTime) Training

This course is designed to provide those personnel responsible for day to day running of the system with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties to the standard required by the client.

Course Outline (General):

Configuration (Editor) Training

This course is designed to allow personnel of technician level to set-up and make changes to their system database and associated facilities. It uses a different package of the Operator (RunTime) environment and is easy to use. No programming experience is necessary.

Course Outline (General):

Program Installation, Set Up and New Workspace

Graphics Training

This course is to enable technician level personnel to create/modify pictures that will interact with your system. For personnel with previous experience of Windows graphics packages, one day is sufficient.

Course Outline (General):

Celestenx System 1st Line Maintenance Callistonx Remote Terminal Unit

The target audience for this course will be engineer/technician level people required to look after every aspect of a Callistonx RTU.

Course Outline (General):

Course Duration 8 days

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