Certified Installation Partners

The Remsdaq Certified Installer programme is open to any fire & alarm, alarm or security company in the UK that can demonstrate that it has met the relevant criteria for the program and of three certification levels. The certification is tied to the company and the individual trained and only certified installers can install and maintain Remsdaq security products

UK Certified Installers

We offer three levels of certification, each with a host of benefits and rewards tied to training and levels of business between our companies.

Remsdaq Silver Certified IntallersRemsdaq Gold Certified InstallersRemsdaq Platinum Certified Installers

A certified installer is a partner who has invested time and resources into the training of their installation engineers.

  • Silver: is our entry level and can be provided at the company premises by our field sales and projects team.
  • Gold: training is provided free of charge for up to 10 people per company and focuses on the Entro range: EntroStar, EntroWatch and EntroPad
  • Platinum: training is chargeable and is based on a 2-day course at Remsdaq. The fee is waived for companies achieving or forecast to achieve £50k spend per annum. The training covers all our Integrated Security product ranges include:
    • EntroStar, EntroWatch, EntroPad and EntroConfig
    • StartNet and StarWatch (overview – separate 5 day course available)
    • Sabre PIDS (overview)

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Remsdaq Certified Installer.