Access Control Systems

Entro Series Access Control System

Entro Access Control Devices

The Entro series of 2 and 8 door controllers, software and card readers.

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StarWatch Graphic Wall

StarNet Access Control Solutions

The StarNet series of enterprise level 32-door controllers, software and card readers.

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Access Control Solutions

Remsdaq supplies access control devices and solutions that can be used for applications ranging from a single building to enterprise-wide projects with multiple buildings across a campus or a range of campus sites.

Each Remsdaq access control solution is a self-contained ‘eco-system’ that includes access control management software, door controllers and card readers. Integration options allow the use of third-party hardware and software solutions including HIKVision CCTV, Invixium and IECO biometric readers, OSDP readers and Salto wireless locks.

Smart Building Ready

Remsdaq access door controllers use the BACnet interface defined by ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO1648405. Using a smart building interface, access and population information from Remsdaq door controllers or credential movement databases can be used to improve overall building performance, reduce energy usage and contribute towards a more productive environment for building occupants.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Remsdaq access control systems can also be integrated with the Sabre PIDS. This fibre-optic based perimeter intrusion detection system can generate alarms within the Remsdaq access control software for tamper, cut or climb intrusions, allowing CCTV operators to locate ‘break-in’ or ‘break-out’ activities along a fence installation.

Access Control and Management Systems

Remsdaq supplies two access control sytsems: the Entro and StarNet series. Each system has its own software and hardware products and can be used with a selection of readers.

  • Entro series: designed for single to multiple buildings, the Entro series includes EntroWatch software, 2 and 8 door controllers that can be scaled up to 3,200 doors and 250,000 credentials
  • StarNet series: designed for enterprise-wide projects, the StarNet series includes StarWatch software and a StarNet backplane and 32-door controller that can be installed with plug-in cards

Remsdaq Entro and StarNet access control systems can be found around the world protecting a wide range of buildings.

Typical installations include schools, colleges and universities, commercial buildings, hospitals and medical centres, industrial manufacturing sites, retail outlets and shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and leisure centres, banks and financial institutions, server rooms and data centres as well as military, prison and secure government facilities.

CPI Approved Access Control Systems


Remsdaq has CPNI approved versions of its access control systems for high security projects.