Access Control Systems

Entro Series Access Control System

Entro Access Control Devices

The Entro series of 2 and 8 door controllers, software and card readers.

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StarNet Access Control Solutions

The StarNet series of enterprise level 32-door controllers, software and card readers.

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Remsdaq are one of the UK’s leading access control system manufacturers with a product range that includes several types of access control systems to protect a range of buildings including CPNI accredited solutions for high security and government sites. Our products provide access control to gates and barriers, building entrances, turnstiles, internal doors and exits. Any type of building can be installed with physical access control using a system from Remsdaq. Typical buildings include schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and medical centres, retail outlets, distribution warehouses, industrial manufacturing sites, offices, restaurants and hotels. As a specialist in access control, Remsdaq systems can be used to also protect remote sites including substations and mobile communication  sites. Our systems also integrate with our perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and CCTV video.

Door Entry Controllers

Remsdaq access control systems include the EntroStar and EntroNet, which are 1-2-door and 4-8-door controllers that can be installed within solutions covering up to 3,200 doors, and cross-building or campus installations. Credential authorisation and management is controlled through the EntroWatch access control software suite. The Entro series also features a range of readers, including the EntroPad card reader (with additional functionality as a keypad and request-to-exit), biometric and OSDP readers, and wireless lock integration.

What are Biometric Readers and Credentials?

Access control biometrics readers rely on individual biometric characteristics such as fingerprints or facial recognition. The ‘readings’ taken are compared to those stored within a software database, with a decision then being made on whether to authorise entry or deny it. Biometric fingerprint readers can typically be configured to grant access with just a fingerprint, or a fingerprint with a four-digit pin code.

What is an OSDP Card Reader?

OSDP stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), and is an access management communications standard developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA). OSDP card readers communicate with OSDP enabled door control panels using a level of encryption preferred by some organisations, such as financial institutions.

What is a Wiegand Interface?

A Wiegand Interface is a wiring standard based on the Wiegand Effect, which is commonly used to connect Wiegand compatible access control card readers to the appropriate compatible door controllers.

Where OSDP is not specified, security management solutions will typically use Wiegand communications between readers and door controllers.

Native BACnet Communications

As well as presenting an efficient solution for securing a building and its assets, the Entro series was the first access system to use native BACnet; a communications protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks based on the ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO 16484-5 standard protocols.

Originally developed for the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry, having BACnet enabled door controllers allows energy managers to track population and movement within a building. This information can be tied back to data from the sensors monitoring lighting and the HVAC system in order to optimise energy usage, as well as provide a more productive environment for the building’s users and visitors.

Access Control System Management

The Entro series of security solutions is designed for a wide range of buildings, businesses, and organisations from small, to medium, to large that need to protect their users and visitors and prevent theft. Rather than relying on simple locks and keys, electronic access management is used to approve or deny entry through any controlled time period, whether within, or out of, working hours.

The access control credential can be in the form of an access card, key fob tag, mobile phone app or biometric reader. The credential can be indefinite or time-limited, in addition to being amended and cancelled using the EntroWatch software package and EntroPad desktop reader.

At Remsdaq, we supply access control management kits including door controllers, card reader devices and software solutions that can be used for applications ranging from a single building, to enterprise-wide projects with multiple buildings across a campus or a range of campus sites.

Each Remsdaq solution is a self-contained ‘ecosystem’ that includes management software, door controllers and card readers. Integration options allow the use of third-party hardware and software solutions, including HIKVision CCTV, Invixium and IEVO biometric readers, OSDP readers and Salto wireless locks.

Smart Building Ready Door Entry

Remsdaq access control devices use the BACnet interface defined by ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO16484-5. Using a smart building interface, population information from Remsdaq door controllers or credential movement databases can be used to improve overall building performance, reduce energy usage, and contribute towards a more productive environment for building occupants.

Integrated Security Management

Our range of solutions includes two access controller systems: the Entro and StarNet series. Each access control system has its own software and hardware products and can be used with a selection of readers:

  • Entro series: designed for single to multiple buildings, the Entro series includes EntroWatch software, 2 and 8 door controllers that can be scaled up to 3,200 doors and 250,000 credentials
  • StarNet series: designed for enterprise-wide projects, the StarNet series includes StarWatch software and a StarNet backplane and 32-door controller that can be installed with plug-in cards

Remsdaq Entro and StarNet door control devices can be found around the world protecting a wide range of buildings. Typical installations include; schools, colleges and universities, commercial buildings, hospitals and medical centres, industrial manufacturing sites, retail outlets and shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and leisure centres, banks and financial institutions, server rooms and data centres, as well as military, prison, and secure government facilities.

CPNI Approved Access Control Systems

CPNI is the UK government authority providing protective security advice to businesses and organisations involved in national infrastructure. We also supply CPNI approved versions of our secure access solutions for government high security projects.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Remsdaq access control systems can also be integrated with the Sabre PIDS. This fibre-optic based perimeter intrusion detection system can generate alarms within the Remsdaq management software for tamper, cut or climb intrusions, allowing CCTV operators to locate ‘break-in’ or ‘break-out’ activities along a fence installation.

In the UK, we work through a network of approved installers and integrators. Outside the UK, we liaise with approved Business Partners, who may be country or regionally based within the EMEA, APAC, the US, and South America regions. Please contact us for more information, or to locate your nearest Remsdaq installer, integrator, or partner.

Automatic Access Control and Credentials

Access to a building or space within it has traditionally been granted or denied using simple door locks. An automated door entry system consists of door controllers, card readers, and keypads to read credentials and grant or deny access. Cameras can be installed alongside access systems to provide video footage before and after door entry access is granted or denied. Video camera terminals can also be used for access using facial recognition as part of an access security system.


Door entry systems are typically installed with door entry controls such as access card readers and keypads. Remsdaq antimicrobial card readers and keypads have a Weigand interface, and they are designed to work with any access door entry system including the Entro series, and any other with a Weigand interface.

Security Systems

Remsdaq supplies two types of security system. Both are designed to protect buildings, and the people and assets within them. For large projects such as airports and industrial complexes we recommend our StarWatch system. For smaller installations from two to 800 doors in one or more buildings, we recommend our Entro series which also has a CPNI certified configuration for use in government buildings.

Card Reader and Request to Exit Button

In addition to manufacturing access control and security systems, we also manufacture our own range of keypads and card readers as well as request-to-exit buttons. All have built-in antimicrobial protection, and our card readers and RTE buttons are contactless to help further prevent the spread of contact-based viruses and bacteria.

With a Remsdaq electronic access control solution, you can easily and safely protect your employees, subcontractors, suppliers and any visitors to your site. Please contact us for a project review, or to find out more about our UK and overseas partners.

Biometrics Automatic Access

A biometric is a measurement and statistical analysis of person’s specific characteristic including iris, face, fingerprint and palm. Remsdaq supplies fingerprint biometric readers for use with its Entro series access control solutions.

Access Control Software

Access control management software can be run on premise or as part of a cloud-base solution. The software manages the physical access control system. Remsdaq has two access control software packages – EntroWatch and StarWatch. Both are access control solutions but require direct access control kits and hardware to function.

EntroWatch is the access control management software platform for the Entro series of door controllers (2-door and 8-door). Up to 100 devices can be networked together to provide access control security for a building or group of buildings.

StarWatch is a project scale system access control software package for use with 32-door StarNet door controllers, ACPs, TDEMs and IOM modules.

What is an Door Access Control System?

An door access control system is an automated electronic security system that uses electronic hardware (door controllers and readers) and a credentials database and access management software to control access through managed doorways. When a person presents a credential (card, keypad pin or biometric) the credential is verified in the database and the electronic system either unlocks the doorway automatically to allow entry or exit, or does not.

What is an Access Door Controller?

An access door controller is an electronic device controlled by an access control system. Access door controllers are manufactured to control from 1 to a set number of doors. Remsdaq supplies, 1-2, 4 and 8 door controllers. Each door controller is on an IP network and connects to an access control reader and is controlled by the access management software.

What is an Access Control Reader?

An access control reader is a device that reads a credential. The most commonly used reader is a card reader or card reader with keypad for multifactor authentication using a card and numeric pin. The card reader ‘reads’ the secure information (credential) contained on the card which is then checked for authentication in the database of the access management software. A reader is typically wall mounted but can also be attached to turnstiles and pedestals. Other types of reader include biometric (face and fingerprint) and Bluetooth low energy mobile phone readers.