StarNet Access Control Solutions

  • StarNet Access Controllers

The Entro series is a cost-effective and industry leading access control system with the capacity to manage up to 800 doors and 250,000 credentials.

The StarNet Access Control Solution

StarNet comprises of a backplane in a lockable metal enclosure which can take up to four processor cards. The first slot is required for the Access Control Processor (ACP II) and the other three slots can be used for TDEM (Two Door Expansion Modules) or IOM (Input/Output Modules). The ACP II card is designed to manage:

  • 256,000 access control cards
  • 128,000 locally time stamped events
  • 4,096 access permissions
  • Up to 32 doors per controller
  • Up to 15 TDEM II or IOM II plug-in modules
  • Up to 31 LEDA satellite modules
  • Available IEC 61131-3 compliant logic package

StarNet is an enterprise-wide access control solution for larger sites including airports and industrial sites.