FireNet Station End Equipment

  • FireNet Processor

FireNET is a modular next generation Station End Equipment (SEE) designed for installation within a fire station and offers a complete set of mobilisation functions, facilities and interfaces for the reliable and rapid turnout of personnel and appliances. FireNET receives dispatch requests from the Command & Control Centre, either direct from the operator position or the Communications Processor.

The system consists of a main controller unit (with no moving parts) and a plug in I/O module.  FireNet has been designed as a small wall-mounted enclosure with an inherent 8 hour stand-by battery. There is also an optional stand-by power capability of up to 48 hours, if required, that is housed separately. The benefits of a Remsdaq FireNet SEMS solution include:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Third-party integration facilitates and a true turnkey system
  • Modular integration
  • Field proven reliability

Optional modules include: electronic Time & Attendance and payroll data transfer. FireNet can also be tailored to accommodate the various needs of each fire station within a Fire and Rescue Service.  Various communication bearers can be chosen that are most suitable for individual stations.  FireNet can also activate a variety of equipment suited to the different needs of Wholetime, Day Crew and Retained stations. The built-in two-door, access control system is time-stamped and can be used to collect information such as personnel attendance (at the fire station or incident) and the asset tracking of equipment.

Other external peripheral devices include:

  • Bay indicator lights
  • Coloured LED scrolling displays
  • Burglar and fire alarm system integration

FireNet is fully compatible with the Remsdaq Rescue4i Control Room solution and is also suitable for integration with third party Command and Control systems.

  • Uniquely expandable system architecture
  • Distributed processing
  • External system gateways
  • Local Area / Wide Area Network Capability
  • Interfaces to alerter / paging systems
  • Fully British Home Office GD92 and MG4 Compliant
  • Airwave Tetra Approved
  • Firelink (Airwave) compatible
  • Emailed diagnostics
  • Multiple Bearer Capacity
  • Compact Wall Mount enclosure
  • 2-door access control module
  • 24 Inputs / 8 Outputs as standard with option to expand.
  • I/O’s usable for Premises security and systems monitoring
  • Asset tracking of personnel and equipment
  • Standby power for 8 hours as standard.
  • Embedded processor
  • Modular design
  • Multiple printers Support of ‘crew ack’, turnout print and admin print request buttons, bells, lights and PA tones etc.
  • Inherent two-door access control module

Listed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive for FireNet. Please contact us if you need more information.

Q: There is no Mobilising information appearing on the Scroller?
A:  Reset the FireNet and ensure that the Checking Memory message appears.  If the message appears, then the unit has power and a good connection to the FireNET.

Q:  No Mobilising information is appearing on the Scroller?
A:  Reset the FireNet and ensure that the ‘Checking Memory’ message appears. If the message appears, then the unit has power and a good connection to the FireNet.

Q:  When printing, a blank line appears between each line?
A:  Using a browser, change the delimiter settings for this particular printer. The settings can be found under Tasks/Mobilising/Printing/Advanced.

Q:  How can I back-up the configuration in the FireNet?
A:  Copy all of the files from the \FLASH0\config\bin directory.

Q:  What is the default IP address of the FireNet?
A:  Please contact Remsdaq.

Q: How can I find out the IP address of the FireNet?
A:  Run a Terminal program such as Hyper Terminal on a PC with settings of 9600 baud, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit and No Parity. Connect to Port 1 on the FireNet Main Controller Board. Power up the unit and after approximately 25 seconds information will appear with details of the basic configuration.

Remsdaq FireNet SEMS

In operation with numerous UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Remsdaq FireNet SEMS solution is a popular and effective field-proven solution.

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