SCADA Systems, Access Control, PIDS and Mobilising

Remsdaq designs and builds innovative solutions for SCADA, Integrated Security and Mobilising applications and provides a comprehensive range of support services.

SCADA Manufacturers

SCADA RTUs and Software Systems

Remsdaq is at the forefront of the energy revolution occurring in the UK and international markets. Our SCADA systems business unit provides Remote Terminal Units (SCADA RTUs) and software systems to allow electricity utilities to monitor and control their  substation and distribution assets.

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Integrated Security Solutions

Access Control and Perimeter Intrusion

Our Integrated Security business unit supplies access control solutions (door entry systems) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) including hardware, software and accessories. We protect many leading organisations throughout the world.

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Mobilising Command and Control Solutions

Fire Services Incident Management

Remsdaq Command, Control and Communication systems (Resque 4i and FireNet) are renowned for being the most reliable and innovative systems available and are installed with several UK and International Fire Authorities.

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Maintenance and Support Services

Engineering Services and Helpdesk

Remsdaq provides a complete support service helping our clients from initial project design and engineering through to installation, commissioning and maintenance. We provide 24/7 helpdesk support and comprehensive training schools.

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Core Divisions Graphic

Customer Service Excellence

We are committed to being ‘best in class’ for each of our operating sectors and this stems from the early days of our business. Since the early 1970s we have developed solutions linked by the common theme of collecting information for management control and decision making. Whether you are looking for a remote terminal unit for a SCADA application, access control or perimeter detection system or command and control solution for a fire service installation, you can rest assured of product quality and our commitment to you as a client.

Exceeding Expectations

Whichever of our business units you come into contact with we trust that we will exceed any expectations. We spend time to understand our market and clients needs to design our products and services to give us leading edge technologies that become the first choice for new or retrofit installations.

Custom Designs

As a design and manufacturing company we the in-house expertise to be able to take one of our standard products and customise this for a client application. This gives us a unique position within our markets.

What our clients say

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