EntroWatch Remote Support Plans

Our Remote Support Plans provide peace of mind and ensure your EntroWatch system is fully optimised to provide an efficient access control solution for your building. Pricing is based on the number of EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers managed by EntroWatch, and includes a 5year warranty upgrade,  an annual Health Check, and support & diagnostics during normal working hours (UK) by a Remsdaq engineer.

Remote Connection Software and Methods

The preferred remote connection method is TeamViewer. Alternatively, a virtual private network (VPN) and remote desktop connection can be used when available and provided by the client site’s IT team.

Helpdesk Management

Remsdaq operates a Helpdesk using the Microsoft Azure platform. Support requests can be made by email, website or telephone:

  • remsdaq.com/support/help-desk
  • helpdesk@remsdaq.com
  • +44 (0) 1244 286 495

Email is the preferred method for logging a site issue with the Remsdaq Helpdesk. Telephone requests should only be used where email is not available or practical.

When contacting the Remsdaq Helpdesk, client sites should provide their support plan number, EntroWatch license number, site contact details and a realistic assessment of the impact of the problem

An incident number is assigned to a support request and the Remsdaq Helpdesk will aim to provide a first response within the timeframes specified within the Response Time Table below. Actual response times can vary dependent upon engineer availability and incident volumes.

The Remsdaq Helpdesk prioritises support requests according to whether the client site’s EntroWatch system is inside or outside warranty, and whether it is covered by an EntroWatch Support Plan or not.

Plan Take-up

An EntroWatch support plan can be taken out within 90 days of the invoice date for the system at the published prices. Outside this time frame, support plans are priced on application. The plans are per EntroWatch license.

Plan Renewals

An EntroWatch support plan can be renewed within 30 days of the renewal date to maintain continuity of service. Additions to the system are subject to review.

Incident CategoryCriteriaResponse Time with a Plan
CriticalThe issue results in a serious interruption to a customer’s standard business operations. E.g. a full system failure/failure to maintain access control for an entire estate. Inability to access, secure or control highly secure areas.< 4 hours
HighThe issue causes interruptions to normal operation. E.g. a serious issue affecting one customer, multiple employees/controllers. Affects one customer or some employees but not of immediate concern. Partial system failure, users unable to log into user interface, access inhibited to a small number of doors.< 8 hours
NormalThe problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operation. Also includes feature requests, assistance with system setup and commissioning, plus general enquiries.< 12 hours

Response times are indicative from incident registration and exclude fix times.

Inclusions and Exclusions

5year warranty extension (excluding consumables) – standard is 3yearsYes
Support and diagnostics during normal working hours (UK)Yes
Remote Annual Health Check (log checking and system optimisation)Yes
Third party supplied systems and devices poa
Firmware and software updatespoa
System trainingpoa
Out of hours supportpoa
Field site visitspoa

poa = priced on application

Please contact us for more information or pricing on our Remote Support Plans.

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