EntroNet 8 Door Access Controllers

  • EntroNet Access Door Controllers
  • Compact, expandable & flexible system design
  • Provides access control and alarm management
  • Full distributed intelligence
  • Up to 4 plug-in modules per backplane
  • Up to 8 door/16 reader control in a single enclosure
  • Economical cost per door configuration
  • Auto recognition of multiple Wiegand card formats
  • Custom card format support
  • 256,000 ID tokens
  • 128,000 off line event buffer
  • Supports secure (encrypted) communications
  • Modules can be easily replaced without disturbing field cabling
  • Enclosure with tamper and 7A PSU option available
  • BACnet access control processor
  • Embedded Ethernet
  • Autonomous operation
  • EntroPad (Wiegand) reader compatible with OSDP option
  • Power Supply Requirements: input Supply +10 to +18 V DC
  • Power consumption: Typically 330mA @ 12V DC (excluding locks and readers)

EntroNet is a powerful IP BACnet door access controller and alarm management system. A single EntroNet can manage from 2-8 doors. EntroNet is fully integrated with EntroWatch access control management software, EntroPad card readers and can be run on the same IP and security network with EntroStar access control panels.

Multiple EntroNet controllers can be installed on the same IP network and managed through the EntroWatch software up to a maximum of 100 units (800 doors).

The EntroNet controller is an intelligent field device which incorporates an independent two door controller capable of making access control decisions without reference to EntroWatch. The unit is able to store alarm and access events in the case of interrupted communications to the EntroWatch server thereby ensuring system integrity.

When powered up out of the box, the EntroNet controller will automatically assume a default configuration and function as a basic access control unit. Changes to the default configuration can be made via EntroWatch.

The EntroNet backplane is housed in a lockable metal enclosure (with optional power supply unit and battery) and the backplane features a tamper switch. Each backplane can accommodate 2-4 processor cards with the first slot containing card guides for the EntroNet Access Control Processor (ACP II) which provides for:

  • 256,000 access control cards
  • 128,000 locally time stamped events
  • 4,096 access permissions
  • Up to 8 doors per controller
  • Up to 3 TDEM II or IOM II plug-in modules or LEDA satellite modules

Other Plug-in modules

  • TDEM II: two door expansion units with entry/exit readers, fall-back mode intelligence, airlock/turnstile support and multiple reader technology
  • IOM II: compact alarm interface units with 24 supervised alarm inputs and 8 relay outputs

EntroWatch Software Management

EntroNet is designed for use with the EntroWatch software management package and EntroPad readers. EntroWatch can manage a combination of EntroNet and EntroStar access control panels to provide for complete building door management and control. Please see the EntroWatch YouTube channel for a wide selection of EntroWatch software installation and set-up videos.