Input Terminal Units

  • Input Terminal Units

Monitored Inputs

EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers have been designed to provide monitored inputs. In addition to the open and closed states of an input, they are also able to provide an indication as to circuit tampering, either by the shorting out or opening of the input circuit.  To facilitate this function it is mandatory to use suitable input termination units (ITU) in the input circuit.

Input Terminal Units

EntroStar is supplied with 4 ITUs (black), to allow 4 inputs to be used out of the box; further Black ITUs can be purchased individually or in packs.

EntroNet devices, with their innovative 3 in 1 input connections make use of coloured ITUs (red, green and yellow) with up to  1 of each being required for a full 3 input circuit. These can be purchased individually or in packs to suit your project requirements. A use case example would be:

  • Red – door contact sensor
  • Green – RTE button or door status monitor
  • Yellow – break glass contact or door status monitor

Note, ITUs should be installed as near as possible to the monitored contact, to avoid the risk of compromising circuit security.


EntroWatch is the access control management software used to monitor and control EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers.  Any inputs that do not have an ITU in place should be configured as “Not In Use” in EntroWatch to avoid generation of open circuit input alarms.