EntroStar Door Access Control Panels

  • EntroStar Access Controller
  • Native PoE/PoE+ powered with optional power supply and battery backup
  • Advanced diagnostic LEDs
  • 2 door 4 reader (2 doors with IN/OUT readers)
  • Compact, secure and easy to fit unit
  • BACnet open protocol
  • RJ45 reader connection
  • Optional metal enclosure and PSU
  • True Plug and Play operation
  • Battery backup
  • EntroPad (Wiegand) reader compatible with OSDP option
  • Default settings and auto-discovery
  • Two auxiliary relays for user definable applications
  • Alarm notifications
  • Building Management System (BMS) Integration
  • Energy saving
  • TCP/IP Network configurable using EntroWatch V3.0 software
  • Peer-to-Peer networking e.g. global anti-passback and relay operation
  • Processor: 208 MHz Arm 9 Processor
  • Memory: 256 Mb NAND Flash & 128 Mb DDRAM
  • Power Requirement: PoE/PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at/IEEE 802.3af), PoE/PoE+ power consumption (EntroStar only) 3.5W, DC: 14V (+10%/–25%) 50W (max) – note: DC input incorporates reverse polarity protection
  • Card Reader Ports: 4 wiegand ports via RJ45 sockets with optional RJ45/screw terminal adapter (EN-RA-0001P)
  • Supported Reader Formats: configurable industry standard Wiegand output format facility
  • Card Capacity and Event Buffer: up to 100,000 cards and 100,000 events as standard
  • Digital Inputs: 9 off monitored (4 state supervised) and 1 optical tamper
  • Output Relays: 4 N/O contacts rated 2A @ 30V DC
  • Host Communications: 10/100 Ethernet auto-switching
  • Dimensions (mm): 215(W)x135(H)x27(D) Controller only and 426(W)x300(H)x83(D) Metal Cabinet
  • Supported Configurations: up to 2 doors reader IN/reader OUT per control panel and up to 2 bidirectional turnstiles per control panel
  • Supported Protocol: native BACnet (ANSI ASHRAE 135-2010)
  • Power Available for External Devices: PoE: 7.2W (min) 9.3W (max) total, PoE+: 17.7W (min) 24.9W (max) total, DC: 45W (max) total – note: Each Output A/Output B pair is limited to 800mA (PoE/PoE+) and 1.5A (DC). Each reader port is limited to 500mA @ 25°C de-rated to 300mA @ 70°C
  • Environmental Specification: Temperature Range: -40°C to + 70°C
  • Humidity: up to 93% at +40°C non-condensing
  • Housing: UL94 V-0
  • Declaration of Compliance: EntroStar is certified to EN55024, EN55022 and EN60950-1 in accordance with the ‘2006/95/EC Low Voltage’ and ‘2004/108/EEC EMC’ directives and has been designed to be compliant with UL294 and UL1076

Listed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive for EntroStar. Please contact us if you need more information.

Q. Do I need PoE+ to control 2 magnetic locks?
A. It depends on the lock. Some newer magnetic locks draw as little as 3.6W. Each EntroStar can provide up to 9.3W via PoE to power external devices (locks and readers) and up to 24.9W via PoE+.

Q. What readers can I use on the EntroStar?
A. Any wiegand compatible reader including all forms of biometric. Please note that newer HID Multi-Class SE readers can each draw as much as 3W for short periods of time and may cause issues with systems using PoE supplies. If these readers are to be used, it is suggested to either connect a 12 volt battery to the EntroStar unit, or power it via PoE+, or a conventional 12V supply (e.g. EN-DC-0003P)
Q. Can EntroStar be installed on a network with fixed IP addresses? A. Yes as long as it is connected to a v1.3 EntroWatch system. By default, EntroStar will still look for a DHCP server (or fall back into a 169.254.xxx.xxx link-local address) but can now have a fixed IP address assigned to it using the network tab of the advanced settings for the EntroStar, or via the installation wizard.

Q. Can EntroStar talk to any BACnet master station?
A. Yes-If that master fully supports ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010.

Q. Can an EntroStar talk to more than one master station?
A. Yes –EntroStar supports multiple BACnet subscribers.

Q. What is the card capacity of EntroStar?
A. There are no fixed capacities within the EntroStar unit and the limits will depend on how many access rights, actions etc. but potentially 1m+.

Q How do I connect a non RJ45 reader to EntroStar?
A. Use the Remsdaq RJ45/terminal block adapter EN-RA-0001P and then std. CAT5 cable.

Q. Do I have to power EntroStar over POE/POE+?
A. No an optional 15vPSU with/without battery can be specified.

Q. If I choose POE/POE+ can I still connect a battery?
A. Yes – the POE/POE+ supply will actually trickle charge the battery.

Q. Can EntroStar units be installed in different time zones?
A. Yes – an advanced setting specifies a UTC offset for the EntroStar. Please refer to EntroWatch FAQ for details of time zone changes.

Q. What happens to my card/access data if I lose power to the EntroStar?
A. All card/access data is held in non-volatile memory.

Q. If I lose communications to the EntroStar what happens?
A. Up to 128,000 events are buffered with local time stamping for subsequent upload.

Q. Does EntroStar support 4 state monitoring of alarm inputs?
A. Yes, the 3 door contact inputs for each door and the 3 auxiliary inputs are all supervised (tamper protected). Note that the Enclosure tamper input is 2 state only.

Q. Does the Break glass monitor input unlock the door when in alarm?
A. No – the input is for monitoring DPDT Break glass units only. Wire the lock through the Break glass unit to drop power to the lock.

Q. How many attempts do I get to enter my PIN?
A. EntroStar supports a rolling PIN that will allow up to two initial incorrect numbers to be entered.

Q. Do I need to use the Input Terminator Units (ITU) provided when connecting input devices to the EntroStar?
A. Yes. All the inputs on the EntroStar, with the exception of the enclosure tamper switch, are supervised/tamper protected and an ITU must always be used. Please refer to the Installation Guide for connection details.

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EntroStar is a state of the art PoE/PoE+ access control panel that supports reader in/reader out configuration on 2 doors. The access control panel is designed to work with EntroWatch management software or any third-party BACnet compliant system. The EntroStar panel is a self-contained package that can be wall mounted or built-into a metal enclosure. Remsdaq can supply an optional power supply unit and battery for mains power failure back-up.

Networkable Controllers

EntroStar is our entry-level controller and is quick and easy to install. The controller is ideal for small to medium sized sites and provides access control for 2-doors per unit. Up to 100 EntroStar controllers can be networked to provide control of up to 200 doors using EntroWatch software. EntroStar features peer-to-peer communications for added system integrity if communication is lost for any period with the EntroWatch server. Please see the EntroWatch YouTube channel for a wide selection of EntroWatch software installation and set-up videos.

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