SCADA Manufacturers

SCADA Remote Terminal Units

Our SCADA Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are used by utility operators to monitor and control their assets. We work with leading District Network Operators (DNOs) in the UK and overseas supplying SCADA RTUs and monitoring software.

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Integrated Security Solutions

Access Control Systems

Our Integrated Security division supplies a range of products from readers and access control panels to management software and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and includes CPNI approved products.

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Mobilising Command and Control Solutions

Mobilising Control Room Software

Our mobilising division is responsible for Command and Despatch (CAD) systems including control room software and fire station equipment for which we provide 24/7 hotline support and response.

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Maintenance and Support Services

Engineering and Support Services

Remsdaq provides a range of support services including technical support, training schools, installation, commissioning and maintenance engineers both in the UK and overseas.

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Remsdaq : Extending the Boundaries of Technology

We are a customer-focused organisation specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced technology solutions which we supply across the world. Our principle business areas include: SCADA remote terminal units for the electricity industry, Integrated Security (access control systems and perimeter intrusion detection systems) and Mobilising Command and Despatch systems. Each division has its own route to market including turnkey projects, value added resellers, OEMs and business partners.  In the last 40 years Remsdaq have manufactured over 500,000 products and are the preferred supplier for many clients operating in industries ranging from utilities to the military, prison services to financial institutions, industrial plant operators to public sector buildings.

Business Continuity Statement – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During these unprecedented times, we are committed to providing as near a normal service as possible. We are following UK government advice and continue to manufacture at our Deeside facility. All staff that are able to work from home are doing so and are available via their normal works phone number and email address whilst also having access to conferencing systems.

StarWatch Keeps An Eye On The Natural History Museum

Remsdaq are proud to supply the Natural History Museum in London with an Integrated Security Management System. The world-famous Natural History Museum, built in 1881, is home…

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EntroStar Access Control and Interlock Configuration

The powerful “Automatic Actions” feature of EntroWatch allows the setting up of versatile door interlocks for many security and safety applications. A door interlock…

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Advantages of Access Control for Small Businesses

Picture this: A bustling small business, a hub of activity and innovation, but amidst the hustle and bustle of people moving around the premises…

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