Access Control Card Readers

EntroPad is an multi-function access control card reader designed and manufactured by Remsdaq. EntroPad offer a host of features and can be used with our access door controllers or third party controllers as card reader. We also supply Biometric and Mullion mount proximity readers designed to fit most architectural and interior design formats. Our access control card readers ensures we can support a wide range of projects in terms of specification, operation and budgets.

EntroPad Smart Card Reader

EntroPad Readers and Keypads

EntroPad can function as a smart 13.56MHz card reader for MIFARE, PicoPass  and EntroClass Secure cards, as a Keypad and Request To Exit (RTE).

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EntroPad Desktop Readers

Desktop Enrolment Readers

EntroPad desktop readers provide straightforward registration of card credentials within EntroWatch software.

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EntroPad Management Kit

Reader Management Kits

EntroPad management kits provide an easy way to customise individual EntroPad readers around a building.

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EntroPass Secure Credentials

EntroPass Secure Credentials

A MIFARE Plus secure credential for use with EntroPad readers and available in either card or key fob format.

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EntroPad Request To Exit RTE Button

Request To Exit Buttons

EntroPad Request To Exit (RTE) buttons provide a contactless way to open doors via EntroWatch software.

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Access Control Technologies

Readers are an important component within any access control system. Remsdaq offers proximity card and biometric readers as its two principle technologies. The EntroPad card reader is product developed by the Remsdaq development team and incorporates a number of advanced features to make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications from public buildings to hospitals, military and other secure facilities. Remsdaq access control panels or controllers can work with a number of other readers and the company has ensured integration with biometric readers from Invixium. Mullion and other keypad readers are also available.

Access control card readers are used in access control systems and carry the credential required by the card holder to gain entry or exit through a controlled door, gate or barrier. An access card reader can be a traditional magnetic stripe type, bar code, smart card or biometric reader.

Proximity Cards

A proximity card is a type of contactless smart card that can be read by a card reader if the card is within range of the card reader. Unlike a magnetic stripe card, a proximity card does not have to touch the access control card reader. The card reader reads the encoded number on the proximity card and verifies this information in the access control database.

Smart Cards

The modern smart card is contactless and has a built-in microprocessor and memory. The microprocessor is there to provide the card reader with the credential which is then checked by the access control system within its user database. If permission is granted the door will open and if not the door will remain closed. Smart cards can also carry other information for the card holder including biometric information, cash for use in vending machines and pre-paid membership information.

Contactless smart cards use the same radio-based technology as proximity cards but at a higher frequency of 13.56kHz compared to 125.5KHz. This higher frequency allows for communication with several cards at the same time and the flow of more data. Contactless cards do not have to touch a reader or have to be removed from a wallet or purse.

As well as manufacturing access card readers, Remsdaq also supplies credentials in the form of its EntroPass. This is a MIFARE Plus SE 1K secure credential, designed for use with EntroPad readers and available in either a card or key fob format.