Access Control Software

Access control and security management software packages from Remsdaq provide an integrated approach to controller configuration, card management, logic setup, video integration, third party database access (TPDE) and perimeter intrusion detection. EntroWatch is supplied free of charge for use with our EntroStar and EntroNet controllers with an upgrade path to EntroWatch PE which is our premium version offering further features for large projects. StarWatch is the software package required for use with our StarNet controllers.

EntroWatch Dashboard

EntroWatch Software

EntroWatch software for EntroStar and EntroNet controllers.

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StarWatch CCTV

StarWatch Software

StarWatch software for use with StarNet controllers.

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Access Control Management Software

The Remsdaq development team is responsible for our access control software including EntroWatch and StarWatch. Having a skilled team of software engineers in-house allows us to respond to client requests and support complex installations both in the UK and overseas. The team is also responsible for integration with leading brands of related access control and video monitoring systems and our StarNet perimeter intrusion detection system for outside fence monitoring.

EntroWatch is a complete access control management software package from Remsdaq designed to work with the Entro range of control panels and card readers as well as a fast-growing range of integrations for Biometrics, wireless locks and CCTV video streaming. EntroWatch can be used to manage access control installations from two to over 3,200 doors in a single package.

EntroWatch software is easy to use and configure and provides a single application through which to manage all aspects of an access control system including user administration, device connection and alarm notifications.  The software includes auto-discovery and display of BACnet devices and ONVIF Profile S CCTV camera with live view and monitoring. Discovered cameras can be selected for display in sequence on the EntroWatch dashboard. Global lockdown provides a single click action to lock down all site doors in an emergency. The lockdown icon appears at the top of every screen in EntroWatch. Specified doors can be excluded from the lockdown sequence. Actions can be configured to operate automatically (e.g. fire alarm), via a schedule (e.g. disable alarms during office hours) or via an operator instruction (e.g. turn on all the floodlights).

The software also allows for integration to applications covering biometric and wireless applications, Sabre perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), CCTV video monitoring, fire and alarm panels and smart building automation, either directly or via a Rest API or BACnet/IP interface.

Certified Secure (CS) Software

Remsdaq also supplies ‘Certified Secure’ access control software and panels for use within CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure).