Access Control Software

Access control management software packages from Remsdaq provide an integrated approach to controller configuration, card management, logic setup, video integration, third party database access (TPDE) and perimeter intrusion detection. EntroWatch is supplied free of charge for use with our EntroStar and EntroNet controllers with an upgrade path to EntroWatch PE which is our premium version offering further features for large projects. StarWatch is the software package required for use with our StarNet controllers.

EntroWatch Dashboard

EntroWatch Software

EntroWatch software for EntroStar and EntroNet controllers.

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StarWatch CCTV

StarWatch Software

StarWatch software for use with StarNet controllers.

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Access Control Software

EntroWatch software is easy to use and configure and provides a single application through which to manage all aspects of an access control system including user administration, device connection and alarm notifications.  The software includes auto-discovery and display of BACnet devices and ONVIF Profile S CCTV camera with live view and monitoring. Discovered cameras can be selected for display in sequence on the EntroWatch dashboard.  The software allows for integration to applications covering biometric and wireless applications, Sabre perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), CCTV video monitoring, fire and alarm panels and smart building automation, either directly or via a Rest API or BACnet/IP interface.

The latest EntroWatch v3 software from Remsdaq features a range of new features and integrations including HIKVision CCTV monitoring and IEVO Biometric readers. The software includes Standard, Premium Edition (PE) and Certificated Secure (CS) versions. Using HIKVision CCTV cameras it is possible to associate alarm events with recorded images and to view pre and post footage as well as take snapshots for reports. The integration with the IEVO Ultimate biometric fingerprint reader provides allows fingerprint credentials to be stored within EntroWatch v3.

Certified Secure (CS) Software

Remsdaq supplies ‘Certified Secure’ access control software and door controller panels for use within CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure). The CPNI approval is for a specific issue of EntroWatch software (referred to as ‘EntroWatch CS’) and the Entro series access control panels, metal cabinet, cabling and network connections and battery back-up packs.


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