Entro Series Integrations and Technology Partners

The EntroWatch access control system is a feature-rich software platform for door access management. Together with our integrations and technology partners system functionality can be extended for a wide range of projects.

BACnet Integration

The Entro series of door controllers is the only access control system to use native BACnet; a communications protocol designed to allow communication between building automation and control systems from different manufacturers. The BACnet protocol was developed by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) and is commonly used to integrate and co-ordinate systems within a building management system. For further information see ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2016 or ISO standard ISO16484-5:2017.

BACnet defines standard ‘Objects’. Each object has a standard set of properties that describe the object and its current status. As a native BACnet enabled product, the EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers are defined as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) and incorporate several BACnet objects. The objects including Access Zone, Access Door, Access User and Access Credential. These can be used to monitor door activity and movement within the Entro access control system and co-ordinate this with other building systems. Examples include:

  • Air conditioning and central heating systems to reduce energy consumption and improve the overall working environment and productivity
  • Car park automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems to initiate signs to display direction for preregistered visitors.
  • Office lighting to save energy and set-up work required work areas and meeting rooms
  • Visitor management systems for visitor registration booking in and out of premises

The complete list of BACnet objects is defined within the Remsdaq BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) document (PRS-19-001).

The Remsdaq perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) also has a BACnet/IP module.

Biometric Readers

The Entro series includes the EntroPad card reader and keypad. For clients also requiring a biometric fingerprint reader, EntroWatch integrates with the IEVO Ultimate biometric reader. Users can add a fingerprint credential to a user within EntroWatch v3 Premium Edition and use IEVO biometric readers as part of your access control implementation. Compatible IEVO devices include:

  • IEVO Biometric Controllers – R4 with Ultimate or Micro reader heads
  • IEVO Biometric  Enrolment  Readers  –  Ultimate  (Black)  and  Micro  USB devices

 CCTV Camera Systems

There are three ways to use CCTV camera feeds with EntroWatch v3 Premium Edition.

  • HIKVision CCTV: is a market leader in CCTV systems. EntroWatch includes a complete integration to provide live playback of camera streams and tagging and playback of events using associated cameras whilst recording persists. Compatible NVR/HDVR/DVR devices: DS-9600, DS-9500, DS-7700 and DS-7600 series, DS-9000, DS-8000-ST and DS-7600 series, DS-9100, DS-8100, DS-8000-S, DS-8800, DS-7800, DS-7300, DS-7200, DS-7100 and DS-7000 series. EntroWatch PE also integrates with HIKVision Fever Screening Cameras.
  • Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in Module: with this plug-in, users can view CCTV feeds via Milestone’s XProtect Corporate or Enterprise software range and activate their own rule-based responses to alarms from EntroWatch.
  • ONVIF Profile S Video Streaming VMS: ONVIF is a global open standard for how IP video surveillance products communicate with each other. EntroWatch can uses ONVIF to display CCTV camera feeds from which snapshots can be taken if required.

Fire Alarm Panels

EntroWatch can be configured to automatically open doors when fire or smoke is detected by a building fire alarm panel.

Lift Integrations

The table defines the integrations for ‘lift control’ built-into EntroWatch and StarWatch.

Access Control SoftwareLift CallFloor Select
StarWatchYesYes - StarWatch C6 with StarNet 2

Lift Call works by having an EntroPad or compatible reader within the lobby area to call the lift on credential authorisation.

Floor Select relies on an EntroPad or compatible reader being within the lift itself and the use of a relay interface to the access control software to control. When a card is presented to the reader, the credential is checked against the entry in the access control software database to confirm which floors the holder is authorised to visit.

General Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs

The EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers can be used to communicate an alarm trigger from other sensors connected to them. EntroStar can be configured for up to 4 outputs and the EntroNet has 8/24 inputs or 8 outputs. Sensor examples include local temperature, smoke, water and humidity.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

EntroWatch V3.x is fully integrated using a BACnet/IP interface with the Remsdaq Sabre perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). Alarms generated within the Sabre system (including cut and climb) generate alerts within EntroWatch and can be tied back to events monitored through a CCTV system to show pre and post event footage.

Physical Security Information Management

A physical security information management (PSIM) system is a middleware platform for the integration of multiple and possibly unconnected security applications and devices for their reporting, control and rule-based responses. A PSIM provides a single and comprehensive interface that may also incorporate other potential data feeds including social media and local reports.

  • Verint: the platform can provide reporting on EntroWatch events and other devices connected to the PSIM.

PSIM integrations can be more complex and may require a project-by-project review before quotation and implementation.

Visitor Management

EntroWatch includes visitor attendance based on the use of credential activity recording per users. More comprehensive information from a third-party Visitor Management System including booking-in and out can be achieved using BACnet.

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