Fever Screening HIKVision Cameras

3 April 2020

EntroWatch HIKVision Fever Screening

The PE version of Remsdaq’s EntroWatch access control software is allows a user to configure specific card readers so that they require an operator’s permission to grant access. When a person presents a card at such a reader, EntroWatch not only makes the usual access permission checks, but also sends an alert to an operator (in the form of an on-screen pop-up) asking for the operator to verify that access should be granted to that person. EntroWatch will not grant access until it receives this operator verification.

The alerting pop-up presented to operators can include an accompanying graphic and/or up to two live video streams.  These video streams can be from regular colour cameras to check the identity of the user or from one of the newly released thermal imaging cameras designed for fever screening. In this way employees and visitors can be efficiently screened before being allowed entry into a building or area. EntroWatch has a direct integration with HIKVision NVRs which allows pre- and post-event recording of the images associated with the access verification process.

EntroWatch HIKVision Integration

The EntroWatch HIKVision integration allows the latest Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras from HIKVision to provide a thermal video stream to provide rapid and preliminary fever screening for people looking to enter buildings, factories and offices and even larger public spaces including airports and train statios. The thermal camera provides temperature readings up to ±0.3°C.

HIKVision fever screening camera features include:

  • One second to detect a person’s skin surface temperature
  • Multi-person simultaneously detection
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid any physical contact when taking a temperature
  • Immediately and automatic notifications to access control and CCTV system operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

For outdoor applications, it may be necessary to screen the user and thermal camera from the effects of wind and direct sunlight.