Antimicrobial Access Control Cards

27 April 2020

EntroPad RTE with built-in Antimicrobial Protection

In applications where hygiene is important, access control systems using contactless ID cards and magnetic door locks can have advantages over other forms of ID and door entry.  Passage through a door can be gained without having to touch any buttons or door handles.

EntroPad Card Readers

Remsdaq EntroPad card readers have an antimicrobial treatment which is effective in virus control if the reader is touched – this is particularly important with the keypad version when entering a PIN number is required.  This treatment uses nanoparticles of a silver compound which disrupts bacteria growth.  The treatment has been tested to ISO 22196:2011, kills up to 99.99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a 24-hour period and lasts for the life of the product.

Access Control Card Holders and Lanyards

How an ID card itself is handled is also important. Lanyards and cardholders can harbour bacteria. If they are to be used in environments such as healthcare and food and drink manufacture they should be considered in cleaning protocol.

Solid plastic card holders are available with the option of antimicrobial technology in many forms and colours, single and double cards, vertical or horizontal orientation.

Lanyards too are available with antimicrobial treatment, in various colours and with standard or custom text.

One survey concluded that lanyards should not be recommended for staff in frontline clinical care, but it suggested that card holders and badges could be clipped to a higher level on the chest where they are less likely to be touched or become contaminated, are easier to decontaminate, and are less likely to contact the patient.

Antimicrobial Card Holders and Lanyards

For any project specific requirements for cards, holders or lanyards, please contact Remsdaq for full details and pricing.