The Remsdaq Training Centre

Remsdaq provides training courses for each of its principle business units. The courses can be run at our in-house training facility or other pre-arranged locations. Remsdaq employs a full-time trainer who manages the courses and their content and issues participants with a certificate on their successful completion. The full list of courses is shown below per business unit.

SCADA Courses

These courses cover our remote terminal units, monitoring software and HMIs. For more detailed information please ask for a course prospectus.

  • Callistonx Hardware and Software (5 days)
  • Callistonxl Hardware and Software (5 days)
  • Celestenx System Training (5 days)

Security Courses

The courses cover our access control and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs). For more detailed information please ask for a course prospectus.

  • StarWatch CV Basic Operator (1 day)
  • StarWatch CV Advanced Operator (2 days)
  • StarWatch CV Installation & Administration (3 days)
  • StarWatch CV System Training (5days)
  • StarNet Hardware and Software (4 days)
  • Sabre II Hardware and Software (1 day)
  • EntroWatch Installer training (1 day)

Succesful completion of the above courses can contribute towards the achievement of UK Certified Installer (Silver, Gold or Platinum status).

Mobilising Courses

The Fire Service related mobilising courses are shown below. For more detailed information please ask for a course prospectus.

  • FireNet Hardware & Software (2 days)
  • Resque 4i Operator Training (2 days)
  • Resque 4i System Administration (3 days)

General Course Administration Information

Documentation: it is Remsdaq’s policy not to provide documentation on paper (hard copy).  All documentation is provided on a USB memory stick and presented to the students at the beginning of the course. Each student position has a laptop which will also have installed on it the same documentation. If the client prefers to have a hard copy, then this can be arranged prior to the training.

Number of students per Course: ideally a maximum of six delegates. Depending upon equipment availability, students may have to share workstations.

Equipment: all equipment (computers, outstations, networks etc.) is provided by Remsdaq regardless of the training location.

Stationery: all Stationery in terms of Folders, Pads and Pens are provided.

Timings: normal training times are 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs with morning and afternoon breaks plus one for lunch (flexible).

Lunches and Refreshments: all lunches and refreshments are provided throughout the course if the training is conducted at Remsdaq’s offices in Deeside, North Wales. We will also cater for students who have special dietary requirements. Please let us know about these on your course booking form.

Hotel Accommodation: for those students who are visiting Remsdaq we can provide a list of recommended hotels in the local area. A special corporate rate can also be applied.

Transportation: for those students who are visiting Remsdaq but do not have their own transportation, we can provide transportation on a daily basis to and from the hotel the same will apply to local airport/railway station where applicable.

Please contact us if you need any further information.