Access Control Panels

Remsdaq designs and manufacturers a highly competitive range of leading-edge Access Control Panels (ACPs) that includes EntroStar, EntroNet and StarNet. The range is one of the most trusted and installed in the high security industry and can be found in systems protecting sites across the world. Download the Entro Series brochure for more information or view the individual products below.

Remsdaq access controllers are designed to fully integrate with a complimentary range of access management packages (EntroWatch and StarWatch), card and biometric readers and the Remsdaq Sabre perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS), providing clients with a fully integrated security solution. Further integration can be achieved with building management systems as the controllers use the BACnet protocol.

EntroStar Access Controller

EntroStar 2 Door Access Control Panels

A 2-door access control unit for managing up to 200 doors.

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EntroNet Access Door Controllers

EntroNet 8 Door Access Controllers

An 8-door access control unit for managing up to 800 doors.

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StarNet Access Controllers

StarNet II 32-door Access Control Units

A 32-door access control unit that can be used to manage up to several thousand doors.

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Door Access Controllers

The Remsdaq range of in-house designed controllers includes panels and enclosed units that can cover from 2-door installations to projects securing up to several thousand doors. Our access controller range has been designed and manufactured to cater for the needs of systems specifiers, security installers, facilities managers and end-user clients with a range of features that make our access control panels easy and quick to install, commission, set-up and operate. Our approach to access control and security systems allows for scalability, integration and customisation to site specific requirements.

  • EntroStar is a BACnet protocol controller that can be supplied as stand alone or panel or within a metal case with a power supply and battery back-up. EntroNet is based on motherboard back planes with plug-in modules to custom the hardware installation. They are supplied in a metal enclosure that can also incorporate a power supply unit and battery for back-up power when the mains power supply fails. EntroNet units can support up to 800 door installations with StarNet offering a virtually unlimited number of doors.
  • EntroStar and EntroNet operate with EntroWatch access control management software which can support a mixture of these controllers on the same network. StarNet works with the StarWatch software platform.

Typical access control panel installations include: schools, colleges and universities, commercial buildings, hospitals and medical centres, industrial manufacturing sites, retail outlets and shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and leisure centres, banks and financial institutions, server rooms and datacentres as well as military, prison and secure government facilities.

Remsdaq has CPNI approved versions of its products for high security projects.


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