SabreLine Buried Pressure Sensors

  • Sabreline Buried Sensor

SabreLine is a pressure sensor and is suitable for covert application under grass, gravel or soil and can easily be installed in zones of various lengths, widths and shapes. Once installed, SabreLine is invisible and cannot be detected using metal locators or other detection equipment. SabreLine provides high operational reliability and a high probability of intruder detection despite varying ground conditions and humidity.

As with other products in the Sabre range, SabreLine exhibits all of the unique benefits of a PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) sensor based upon fibre-optic sensors.

  • Field-proven reliability over varying ground conditions
  • Sensor cable is undetectable using metal detectors
  • The sensor cable is easy to install and maintenance-free in operation
  • Field-based repairs can be made using a splice connector
  • Performance is unaffected by lightning or other electromagnetic interference