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Remsdaq Command and Communication software packages renowned for being the most reliable and innovative systems on the market today.  Currently in service internationally, and by Fire and Rescue Services, Remsdaq are proud that its systems assist control room operators and fire-fighters to save lives and property.

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Command and Control Systems

A range of control room and fire station products with which to manage emergency operations and incident responses.

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Fire Service Mobilising Solutions

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Remsdaq began by designing and providing first generation command and control software systems for the Scandinavian Fire Authorities in the late 1970s and in 1984, after extensive research and development, Commadaq – from which the present system is derived, was launched onto the UK market.

We provide complete integrated systems which include, command and control, communications and fire station equipment.

In addition to being a systems manufacturer, we are also a systems integrator and are therefore able to incorporate many third-party sub-systems and components, specified by our clients, into the final system configurations.

We are in a unique position to offer our customers a complete ‘cradle to grave’ service with dedicated software, hardware and field service teams. Several of our engineers, that were part of the original system design and development team, are still employed by Remsdaq today. This wealth of experience and our vast market sector knowledge benefits our customers as we understand them and their needs.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are well known for our sponsorship within the British Fire and Rescue Service.  We have sponsored both Fire and Rescue Service teams, events and individuals for many years. Support has extended to CFOA, IFE, Fire Exhibitions, The Fire Service College and British APCO.

A professionally managed customer help desk ensures that requests for help and assistance with operational problems or equipment failures are formally recorded, assigned for action, and that the customers receiving timely updates on the corrective action plan.