Fire Services Command and Control Systems

The Command and Control Room forms the nerve centre of the modern Fire & Rescue Service.  As incidents increasingly become more complex, Fire Service control centre operators have an ever greater need for a variety of up-to-date information to be immediately available.  The system capability has to keep pace with these needs but without being over-complex for the user.

Remsdaq has developed a complete solution to assist Fire Services in their management and control of incidents: comprising of Resque 4i and FireNet.

Resque 4i Dashboard

Resque 4i Software

A fresh approach to fire service incident management, command and control, resource and attribute management.

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FireNet Processor

FireNET Station End Equipment

A next generation Station End Equipment (SEE) for installation within a fire station.

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Mobilising Command and Control

Remsdaq provides a complete service for the design, supply and maintenance of fire service control room solutions. Our systems are state-of-the-art and provide the best solution for command despatch operations. Resque 4i is a scalable, incident management software package, designed to enable call handlers to take and act on calls efficiently and to provide the most appropriate emergency service response and resources.

  • Intuitive call handling with intelligent address matching
  • Flexible and adaptable rule and action plan configuration
  • GEO code based offers with dynamic mapping
  • Independent multi-tasking and multi-view screens
  • Operates on multiple operating platforms, locally or hosted
  • REST API integration to third party services

For added peace of mind we provide 24/7 maintenance and support plans to ensure operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Clients and Reference List

  • Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Cambridgeshire Fire and & Rescue Service
  • East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
  • Essex County Fire & Rescue Service
  • Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

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