Entro Access Control Devices

  • Entro Series Access Control System

The Entro Access Control Solution

The Entro series is a complete access control ‘eco-system’ with which to manage, protect and secure buildings. The range consists of UK manufactured EntroStar rand EntroNet access door controllers, EntroPad readers, keypads, request to exit (RTE) buttons and EntroWatch software which can support from 2 to 800 doors and is available in Standard, Premium Edition (PE) and CPNI licensed versions.

COVID-Secure Buildings

The Entro series can help to make buildings COVID-Secure and through its extended functionality help building owners, managers and users to:

  • Meet Social Distancing recommendations from the UK Government and World Health Organization
  • Implement one-way flows through buildings
  • Restrict access to areas and manage occupancy levels
  • Prevent virus contamination using contactless devices with built-in antimicrobial protection
  • Screen visitors and occupants for high temperatures and face mask usage using Hikvision cameras
  • Improve energy usage and air flow into access controlled areas

Download our latest Entro Series COVID-Secure brochure or contact us for a CPD Seminar or project review.


EntroWatch CS is a CPNI approved version of the Entro series which is approved for installation within high security and government applications.