StarNet II Controllers

  • StarNet Access Controllers
  • StarNet mother board in 2 & 4 way variant
  • Plug & play design
  • Up to 2/4 plug-in cards per motherboard
  • Supports access control and alarm management
  • Tamper protected enclosure
  • Programmable logic and access triggers
  • Dimensions Enclosure: 400mm x 400mm x 200mm
  • Dimensions 4-way: 257.8mm x 238.8mm
  • Dimensions 2-way: 257.8mm x 160mm
  • Power Supply +12 volts, 4A D.C. supply (optional.
  • Operating temperature range -40˚C to +70˚C
  • Storage temperature range -40˚C to +70˚C
  • Humidity: the 12268 and 12278 models operate up to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) at a temperature of +40˚C
  • EMC Requirements: BS EN 55022 Radiated and Conducted Emissions and BS EN 50082-1 Generic Immunity

The StarNet access control unit can be used to manage from 2-32 doors up to several thousand. The system is based on a central backplane with rapid installation KRONE connectors to interface all of the associated door wiring for an access control system and also to interface any alarm inputs or control outputs associated with an integrated system. Power connections for door locks are made using heavy duty terminal blocks thereby allowing suitable gauge cabling to be utilised.

The StarNet backplane is housed in a lockable metal enclosure and the Backplane features a tamper switch. Each backplane can accommodate 2 to 4 processor cards with the first slot containing card guides for the Access Control Processor (ACP II) which provides for:

  • 256,000 access control cards
  • 128,000 locally time stamped events
  • 4,096 access permissions
  • Up to 32 doors per controller
  • Up to 15 TDEM II or IOM II plug-in modules
  • Up to 31 LEDA satellite modules
  • Available IEC 61131-3 compliant logic package

Other plug-in modules

  • TDEM II: two door expansion units with entry/exit readers, fall-back mode intelligence, airlock/turnstile support and multiple reader technology
  • IOM II: compact alarm interface units with 24 supervised alarm inputs and 8 relay outputs

Satellite Modules

  • LEDA 8/8: compact alarm interface unit with up to 24 supervised inputs,  supports the CAN protocol and distributed PIDS applications
  • LEDA 8/3: compact alarm interface unit with 8 physical supervised alarm inputs, 3 relay outputs, supports the CAN protocol

Communications across the StarNet backplane make use of the CAN Bus network running at 125 Kbits / second. Up to 8 two-way Backplane units or up to 4 four-way Backplane units can be connected together provided that the total network distance is less than 400m.

StarWatch Software Management

Central to the suite of StarNet products is the 2 or 4 way Backplane unit. This is a motherboard that allows various modules from the range to interface to the StarWatch master station software.

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