Callistonx RTU

  • Callisto NX RTUs

Callistonx Utility Controller

The Callistonx Utility Controller provides six expansion slots for instrumentation AC and DC analogues, digital I/O and comprehensive IED support using plug-in modules.

Callistonx Expansion Modules

Callistonx expansion modules plug into the Utility Controller and provide a range potential customisations for the RTU. The modules include:

I/O Modules

  • 16 Digital Input
  • 6 DO Flex Output
  • 3 Voltage and Current AC
  • 4 or 8 DC Analogue Input
  • 8 T/C DO (Low Voltage) Output
  • 3 or 6 AC Current CT
  • Actuator Interface
  • 6 Rogowski Modules

Communications Modules

  • 4 RS232/485 Serial Ports
  • 10/10Base-T(X) Station Bus
  • 100 Base FX Station Bus
  • 4 Fibre Optic Serial Port
  • 10/10Base-T(X) Station Bus
  • 100 Base FX Station Bus
  • IEC 61850 compliant
  • Advanced AC capabilities with comprehensive fault detection
  • Integrated protection functions
  • Disturbance recording
  • Power quality monitoring IEC 61131-3 logic
  • Extensive library of communication protocols
  • Redundant gateways and time sources
  • I/O optimised to bay requirements
  • Supports both Station and Process buses
  • Support of serial and IEC 61850 IEDs
  • Open connectivity using industry standard protocols
  • Local HMI option
  • Transducerless AC connections
  • High accuracy measurements (0.1% fsd)
  • Integrated protection functions
  • Fault data measurements up to 50 times over current
  • Fault data in Comtrade format
  • Secure controls
  • Local autonomous automation
  • High accuracy SOE (1ms system wide)
  • Integration of serial IEDs into an
  • IEC61850 environment
  • Operates as a standalone unit or as a distributed RTU in a networked system
  • Substation automation for a range of devices
  • IEC 61850 compliant
  • Flexible I/O
  • Advanced AC capabilities with comprehensive fault detection
  • 50x full load operation
  • Individual analysis to 50th harmonic
  • Disturbance recording
  • SOE handling and reporting, time-stamped to 1ms accuracy
  • IEC 61131-3 logic
  • High contrast LCD for local status indication
  • Embedded web browser for viewing diagnostics and status information
  • Offline, platform independent PC-based configuration too

Base I/O

  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs 1
  • 6 digital outputs
  • 2 DC analogue inputs 2

Integral Communications Ports

  • 1 Ethernet port (10/100BaseTX)
  • 2 isolated serial ports (1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/485)
  • 1 USB port (version 2.0)


  • Six slots for any I/O and serial communications expansion
  • One slot for Ethernet expansion

Operating System

  • Embedded Linux


I/O Expansion Modules

  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs
  • 4 DC analogue inputs
  • 8 DC analogue inputs
  • 3 AC voltage/3 AC current inputs (150/325V options; universal 1A/5A
  • 3 AC current inputs (universal 1A/5A)
  • 6 AC current inputs (universal 1A/5A)

Communications Expansion Modules

  • 4 RS232/485 serial ports
  • 4 FO serial ports
  • 10/100 BaseT(X) Station bus (2 Ports)
  • 100 Base FX Station bus (2 Ports)
  • 10/100 BaseT(X) Station bus plus Process bus (2+2 Ports)
  • 100 Base FX Station bus plus Process bus (2+2 Ports)

Power Supply Unit

  • Integrated intelligent battery charger


  • Integrated GPS receiver


  • SD FLASH expansion card

Listed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive for Callistonx. Please contact us if you need more information.

Q:  What EMC and Type Testing standards does the product conform to?
A:  Please provide us with your details and we will send them to you.

Q:  Can you provide me with information giving details of the Callistonx cassettes/modules power consumption?
A:  Yes – please provide us with your details and we will send them to you.

Q:  What is the burden of the AC Cassettes when measuring a CT or a VT?
A:  CT – the burden of our current cassette varies depending on which range is being used.  At full load the burden is 140uW for the 1 amp range and 875uW for the 5 amp range.  VT – each leg of the voltage measuring cassette offers an impedance of approximately 950K ohm to system 0V (usually neutral).

Q:  None of the relays in the output cassettes are functioning correctly?
A:  Ensure that the shorting link is connected between TB1 1 & 2.

Typical Applications

The Callistonx is a highly functional product and provides a number of functions:

  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Automation
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Events Recorder
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Digital Fault Recorder
  • Intelligent Electronic Device
  • Plant Condition Monitor
  • Electronic Meter
  • Data Logger
  • Trend Recorder
  • Phasor Management Unit
  • Data Concentrator
  • Communications Gateway
  • Protocol Converter