Callistonx Intelligent RTU

  • Callisto NX RTUs
  • IEC 61850 compliant
  • Advanced AC capabilities with comprehensive fault detection
  • Integrated protection functions
  • Disturbance recording
  • Power quality monitoring IEC 61131-3 logic
  • Extensive library of communication protocols
  • Redundant gateways and time sources
  • I/O optimised to bay requirements
  • Supports both Station and Process buses
  • Support of serial and IEC 61850 IEDs
  • Open connectivity using industry standard protocols
  • Local HMI option
  • Transducerless AC connections
  • High accuracy measurements (0.1% fsd)
  • Integrated protection functions
  • Fault data measurements up to 50 times over current
  • Fault data in Comtrade format
  • Secure controls
  • Local autonomous automation
  • High accuracy SOE (1ms system wide)
  • Integration of serial IEDs into an IEC61850 environment
  • Operates as a standalone unit or as a distributed RTU in a networked system
  • Substation automation for a range of devices
  • IEC 61850 compliant
  • Flexible I/O
  • Advanced AC capabilities with comprehensive fault detection
  • 50x full load operation
  • Individual analysis to 50th harmonic
  • Disturbance recording
  • SOE handling and reporting, time-stamped to 1ms accuracy
  • IEC 61131-3 logic
  • High contrast LCD for local status indication
  • Embedded web browser for viewing diagnostics and status information
  • Offline, platform independent PC-based configuration too

Base I/O

  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs 1
  • 6 digital outputs
  • 2 DC analogue inputs 2

Integral Communications Ports

  • 1 Ethernet port (10/100BaseTX)
  • 2 isolated serial ports (1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/485)
  • 1 USB port (version 2.0)


  • Six slots for any I/O and serial communications expansion
  • One slot for Ethernet expansion

Operating System

  • Embedded Linux


I/O Expansion Modules

  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs
  • 4 DC analogue inputs
  • 8 DC analogue inputs
  • 3 AC voltage/3 AC current inputs (150/325V options; universal 1A/5A
  • 3 AC current inputs (universal 1A/5A)
  • 6 AC current inputs (universal 1A/5A)

Communications Expansion Modules

  • 4 RS232/485 serial ports
  • 4 FO serial ports
  • 10/100 BaseT(X) Station bus (2 Ports)
  • 100 Base FX Station bus (2 Ports)
  • 10/100 BaseT(X) Station bus plus Process bus (2+2 Ports)
  • 100 Base FX Station bus plus Process bus (2+2 Ports)

Power Supply Unit

  • Integrated intelligent battery charger


  • Integrated GPS receiver


  • SD FLASH expansion card

Listed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive for Callistonx. Please contact us if you need more information.

Q:  What EMC and Type Testing standards does the product conform to?
A:  Please provide us with your details and we will send them to you.

Q:  Can you provide me with information giving details of the Callistonx cassettes/modules power consumption?
A:  Yes – please provide us with your details and we will send them to you.

Q:  What is the burden of the AC Cassettes when measuring a CT or a VT?
A:  CT – the burden of our current cassette varies depending on which range is being used.  At full load the burden is 140uW for the 1 amp range and 875uW for the 5 amp range.  VT – each leg of the voltage measuring cassette offers an impedance of approximately 950K ohm to system 0V (usually neutral).

The Callistonx is cost-effective RTU with a range of features and options. Callistonx is compliant to IEC 61850 with 0.1% measurement accuracy for AC measurements, disturbance and event recording and has a wealth of protection functions.

Two independent processors ensure consistent high performance with a powerful DSP dedicated to time-critical AC and protection functionality, with a separate ARM9 processor managing higher level applications and communications. SOE time-stamping to 1ms is standard and the optional integrated GPS, which provides both time and position, ensures consistency across geographically remote installations. Communications can be either via the built-in Ethernet port or over traditional serial channels wit ha host of international standard protocols available for both mechanisms: IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5 and Modbus.

Callistonx is a high performing remote terminal unit, with easy-to-use configuration tools, an industry standard IEC 61131-3 logic application and secure web browser technology. These software tools, along with a high contrast LCD, ensure efficient deployment and ongoing ease of maintenance through common product knowledge to support installations from EHV through to LV networks.

Callistonx Utility Controller

The Callistonx Utility Controller provides six expansion slots for instrumentation AC and DC analogues, digital I/O and comprehensive IED support using plug-in modules.

Callistonx Expansion Modules

Callistonx expansion modules plug into the Utility Controller and provide a range potential customisations for the RTU. The modules include:

I/O Modules

  • 16 Digital Input
  • 6 DO Flex Output
  • 3 Voltage and Current AC
  • 4 or 8 DC Analogue Input
  • 8 T/C DO (Low Voltage) Output
  • 3 or 6 AC Current CT
  • Actuator Interface
  • 6 Rogowski Modules

Communications Modules

  • 4 RS232/485 Serial Ports
  • 10/10Base-T(X) Station Bus
  • 100 Base FX Station Bus
  • 4 Fibre Optic Serial Port
  • 10/10Base-T(X) Station Bus
  • 100 Base FX Station Bus

Intelligent RTU Applications

The Callistonx is a highly functional intelligent RTU product and provides a number of functions:

  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Automation
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Events Recorder
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Digital Fault Recorder
  • Intelligent Electronic Device
  • Plant Condition Monitor
  • Electronic Meter
  • Data Logger
  • Trend Recorder
  • Phasor Management Unit
  • Data Concentrator
  • Communications Gateway
  • Protocol Converter

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