Sabre Tape Fence Climb Detection

  • SabreTape

Sabre Tape is part of Remsdaq’s unique range of perimeter intrusion detection systems employing highly resilient fibre optic sensors. This field-proven and highly reliable technology is extensively used in government, military and industrial applications around the world and supported by an extensive network of approved installers. Sabre Tape delivers outstanding operational performance whilst its mechanical construction presents a high level of deterrent and delay to would be intruders.

  • Protects fences, walls, gates and buildings
  • Sensor embedded into fence fabric
  • Effective visual deterrent
  • Barbed or non-barbed finish
  • Ideal for use in hostile environments
  • Suitable for high security, prison and military applications
  • Highly resilient and immune to tap, tamper and sabotage
  • Performance unaffected by lighting or electromagnetic interference
  • Offers the highest level of detection with virtual zero false alarm rate

Power Requirements

  • External supply: 12V DC
  • Consumption: 16mA @ 12V DC

Sensor Cable and Connections

  • SabreTape sensor cable loop, one end (TX) terminated with SMA connector, other end (RX) terminated in a proprietary snap-in connector

Method of Detection

  • Laser diode transmitter and detector using photo-diode receiver

Alarm Relay Output

  • One single pole relay contact with changeover contacts rated for 1A @ 12V DC

Tamper Circuit Input

  • An input is provided to monitor a tamper switch mounted in the enclosure


  • All electrical connections to the PCB are made via screw terminal

Environmental Specification

  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C
  • Relative Humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing) at +40°C.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • The SabreTape zone processor meets the requirements of EN55022: 1998, EN50082-1: 1998 and Low Voltage Directive 93/68/EEC


  • 110mm x 81mm (Zone Processor PCB without enclosure)

SabreTape Sensor

  • A single 50/125, multi-mode optical fibre with PVC sleeve laid into a polyester-coated tape fabricated in pre-galvanised mild steel to BS 2928

Sabre Tape consists of a specially prepared mild steel tape, which is pre-galvanised and polyester coated. A fibre-optic sensor is laid into the tape, which is then sealed. Sabretape is available with either an aggressive (barbed) or non-aggressive finish. Sabretape is normally installed as a complete fence system or as a series of collapsible, anti-climb outriggers, added to an existing fence. Sabre Tape outriggers may also be used independently and are ideal for protecting gates, walls or the sides of a building.

Sabre Tape operates on the principle of fibre-optic continuity sensing. Its performance is unaffected by lightning or other electromagnetic interference and, as the sensor is intrinsically safe, it is suitable for installation in hazardous environments. SabreTape has its own purpose-built electronics unit and junction/connection posts and can be supplied in single and multiple zone configurations.

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