Sabre PIDS BACnet/IP Module

22 April 2020

Sabre PIDS Alarm Active

Sabre is a perimeter intrusion detection system with an RS-232/RS-485 interface. The addition of a BACnet/IP module provides IP network connectivity for alarm monitoring by a BACnet master station, building management system or within EntroWatch access control software.

Module Installation and Operation

The module is fixed onto the rear plate of a single or dual zone Sabre II controller assembly and can be factory fitted or supplied as a retrofit kit. The module converts the Sabre controller RS-232/RS-485 serial data into the BACnet protocol which can then be read over an IP network using Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a cables. For network distances over 100m an additional active network component such as a repeater or media converter is required.

EntroWatch Access Control Software

Within EntroWatch v3 PE, Sabre zones can be named, used as triggers for Automatic Actions and shown in real time on Graphics (superimposed over site drawings or photographs) alongside surveillance video images.

Sabre Remote Alarms

Sabre provides a number of alarms including:

  • Cut
  • Climb
  • Signal Loss
  • Mains Power Failure
  • Battery Failure
  • Enclosure Tamper

Sabre also includes three auxiliary digital inputs and two relay outputs for general purpose use.

Sabre Configuration

Can be performed locally using the standalone Sabre PIDS configuration software (this connects via the processor RS-232 RJ-45 ports).

BACnet Protocol Implementation

The supported BACnet objects and properties are defined in the Remsdaq PICS document. Please request a copy of PRO-18-002.