Contactless Access Control Readers for Secure Buildings

31 July 2020

Entropad Contactless Access Control

EntroPad is range of contactless access card readers, keypads and request to exit buttons that can be used with any Wiegand compatible access control system to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. During the Coronavirus pandemic, EntroPad is rapidly gaining market share as its deployment becomes one of the major changes an organisation can make to protect building occupants and visitors.

The EntroPad range is highly versatile and ideal for any building looking to meet UK government COVID-19 Secure guidelines. All the product variants in the range have built-in antimicrobial properties which have been third party tested to ISO 22196:2011 to verify that their antimicrobial protection kills up to 99.99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a 24-hour period.

EntroPad can be installed as touchless card reader for use with MIFARE access control cards. In addition to its antimicrobial protection, EntroPad has some other unique features. The device has a LED colour band and keypad that can be configured to show in either red, blue, green, amber, magenta, cyan, yellow or white. The LED feature allows EntroPad to be matched to a corporate colour style and the colours to be used to communicate whether entry permission is granted or denied; important for those who may be hard of hearing or working in noisy environments or in areas where noise has to be kept to a minimum such as hospital isolation wards and intensive care units.

EntroPad is also easy to configure with the Remsdaq Config Kit which includes a management card programmer and set of cards. When the EntroPads installed on a site need to be reconfigured, the new configuration parameters can be downloaded onto the management cards. These are then presented to rebooted-EntroPads to reprogram the devices to the new configuration.

In addition to card readers and keypads, EntroPad is also available as a contactless request to exit (RTE) button. Simply placing a hand near to the reader (but not touching) releases the magnetic door lock to grant exit.

EntroPad is compatible with any Wiegand access control system. Originally designed for use with the Remsdaq EntroStar and EntroNet range of 2-door and 8-door controllers, the device can also be used with access control systems from other manufacturers including the Paxton Net2 Controller. This compatibility makes EntroPad an ideal retrofit solution for those companies and organisations with an existing access control system who want to use contactless antimicrobial card readers, keypads and request to exit buttons.

EntroPad is just one of a number of solutions manufactured and supplied by Remsdaq to help to make buildings COVID-19 secure. For more information on our range of contactless access control solutions or a CPD certified seminar please visit