Door Entry Camera Terminals and Health Screening Functions

15 January 2021

Remsdaq Camera Terminals

A new range of camera terminals with health screening functions from Remsdaq can help organisations meet UK government guidelines to make workplaces COVID-secure.

The EntroStore range of camera terminals use facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms. When a person looks into the 7inch screen, the devices automatically screen for a high temperature, to within +/- 0.3°C accuracy. If the measured temperature is higher than a pre-set value, the device issues a local audible alarm and can report the event to a mobile phone and/or its computer-based monitoring software. If the temperature is within an acceptable range, the camera terminal can signal an access control system to unlock the door. The monitoring software provides activity reports including information for use with  ‘Track and Trace’. The camera terminals can store up to 25,000 events and the software up to 30,000 facial profiles.

The camera terminals can be placed at a building entrance or any other door leading to a workspace that must be made safe for users. Typical applications including the screening of people entering offices, factories, care homes, surgeries, hospitals, schools, restaurants and retail outlets. The terminals can be set-up as a stand-alone screening solution or used in place of a traditional card reader or keypad in buildings with an access control system installed such as EntroWatch.

The camera terminals can be bought online from the EntroStore ecommerce website alongside their other contactless access control solutions.