How EntroWatch Uses Integrations to Extend Functionality

29 October 2021

ANPR Access Control Automatic Barriers

EntroWatch is the powerful management software at the heart of the Entro access control series. As part of its function to provide ‘access control’, the software integrates with a number of plugins and devices to extend its functionality.

ANPR Cameras, Sliding Gates and Automatic Barriers

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and EntroWatch integrates with HikVision’s range of ANPR cameras. The integration is by way of a Wiegand interface and allows a car number plate to be stored as a credential within the EntroWatch database. When the vehicle approaches a barrier or sliding gate, its number plate is read by the camera, checked to the database and if recognised, the automatic barrier is raised or sliding gate opened. If the vehicle number plate is not recognised, the vehicle driver has to use a local intercom to talk to the security team to gain access.

ANPR recognition camera integration can be used for regular employees, visitors to site and delivery vehicles. The function provides a greater degree of access control management and automates entry and exit to a site.

Automatic barriers and sliding gates are made to order items and for these Remsdaq works with Heras. The company, like Remsdaq, are a UK manufacturer who offer site surveys, project management and after-sales maintenance.

Facial Recognition Cameras

The need for contactless access control has never been greater and facial recognition cameras provide a superb way to control access doors using biometrics. EntroWatch has been integrated with a powerful facial recognition camera system that can also detect temperature and mask wearing. Body temperature measurement accuracy can be made with 0.3°C accuracy.

As well as providing heath information, the facial recognition cameras can be used as a terminal point and integrate with EntroWatch via a Wiegand interface. The camera uses a 2MP HD camera with artificial intelligence and can be wall, turnstile or fast lane mounted.

Occupancy Management

Who, Where, When reports have always been a key feature of access control systems such as  EntroWatch. Extended features now allow building and security managers to control individual rooms and spaces by setting a limit to the number of people who can be in that area within any set time. This feature is ideal for smaller spaces where people tend to congregate including rest areas and canteens.

Coupled with EntroPad card readers and keypads further extends this feature. EntroPad is another  Remsdaq designed and manufactured product. The reader incorporates antimicrobial protection to help prevent the spread of bacteria and virus and an LED band offering a range of colours. Whilst some companies may use the coloured band to mimic their corporate colours, green and red can be used to indicate to anyone trying to enter a restricted space whether the occupancy management level has been reached or not. This can be a useful visual signal and especially useful at busy times.

Time and Attendance Reporting

With so many organisations offering remote working, there is a greater need to know who is onsite and when. This information can be used within dedicated time & attendance reporting systems. The EntroWatch software database has been designed to provide a direct and easy integration path to this data, allowing who, where and when information to be easily accessed and imported.

Intelligent Building Management Using Native BACnet

One of the built-in and out-of-the box features of the EntroStar and EntroNet access door controllers is their BACnet interface. BACnet is an intelligent building management protocol standard that originated within the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry. The term ‘Native’ means that Remsdaq door controllers are shipped with the BACnet embedded into the devices. Using the information gathered from access control events directly from the devices, allows intelligent building management systems to monitor occupancy levels and adjust building controls accordingly. Examples include energy saving, by controlling room ambient temperatures and humidity, turning lights off, preparing work areas for occupancy and even planning maintenance programmes.


Over the last 19 months many organisations have had to adapt to new ways of working and how they manage access control to their buildings. Remsdaq has responded through its software and plugs integration team by launching a host of new contactless and occupancy management features that make EntroWatch one of the most comprehensive and easy to deploy solutions available.