How to Implement Track & Trace with EntroWatch

30 September 2020

EntroPad Track and Trace Credentials Functionality

Access control systems are designed to secure buildings, and protect the people & assets within them. A fundamental feature of access control is Who, Where and When and the granting of permissions to go through a secure door or not. Within the system, a database is constantly updated and this data is used to provide an instantaneous image of Who is Where in a building. Historical reports add the When element via access record dates and times.

Access Control Credentials

In an access control system, a credential refers to the means of identification used to identify an individual or asset. Examples of credentials include user name, identification number, password, PIN, security code or biometric data. Biometrics can include fingerprint, facial recognition (image), palm or iris.

An access control system revolves around a database of registered users and the credentials logged against their record. A user for example may be given an access control card to present to card readers around a building. When the card is presented to the reader, the credential on the card is checked against the database record and the credential holder is granted or denied access to through the card reader-controlled door.

Apart from helping to make a building secure, access control systems such as EntroWatch can also help to make buildings Covid-19 secure. If or when there is a positive case of Coronavirus, credential-related data can be used to identify areas that may require a deep-clean and individuals who may need to self-isolate.

Trace and Trace Functionality

The UK government has now released a track and trace NHS App for use on mobile phones. The NHS app can be used to read QR codes to check into venues and offices, alert a user about the status of the area they are visiting and let them know when they have visited a check-in area and/or come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus. In that instance the person has to isolate. If the mobile app user has a COVID-19 test they can also use the NHS App to record their test result.

Who, where and When reporting in an access control system is very closely linked to ‘Track and Trace’ and becomes even more powerful when linked to:

• Occupancy management
• Thermal fever screening
• HR database records

Occupancy Management and Social Distancing

A new feature for an access control system to consider is that of room occupancy management. UK COVID-19 guidelines recommend social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. In terms of occupancy management, rooms can be allocated a limit as to the number of people who can be within them. Typical areas include staff canteens but small offices and work areas can also be considered for this feature. Setting a limit of say 10 to a staff canteen whose doors are access controlled, limits the number of people who can use the canteen at any one time.

Thermal Fever Screening

Security cameras can be installed with thermal temperature screening. A high temperature alarm limit can be set and an image recorded (with an alert) within the access control database against a user and their credential. The access control system will record the event and alarm and report this on operator’s consoles and remotely. Fever screening cameras can also be used as access control readers. If a person has a temperature lower than the alarm threshold, access to an area is allowed. Some types of screening cameras can also include screening for the wearing of face masks and covering.

HR Systems

Most businesses will have a computerised HR system, whether run on-premise or in the Cloud. The database provides a complete list of everyone employed by the business or within the organisation and their private HR records. Sickness and COVID-19 status should also be recorded. When there is a new positive case of COVID-19 the HR database and access control system database information can be analysed to identify people that may have to self-isolate and those areas that require securing-off and a deep clean.

COVID-19 has led to some rapid changes in access control technologies as companies like Remsdaq have responded to the challenge of how to make a building COVID-19 secure. Our EntroWatch access control software continues to evolve and is deal for the protection of a range of buildings such as factories, hospitals, laboratories, retail outlets, local government and public sector offices. If you are looking to make your building COVID-19 secure please contact us for an online EntroWatch demonstration and project review.