How to Make a Building COVID-Secure

30 June 2020

Remsdaq COVID-Secure Building Guide

Remsdaq has launched a free guide on how to make buildings COVID-secure using new features within its Entro access control system. The guide is in an easy-to-view format and covers the use of touchless access control, temperature screening cameras and occupancy management to UK Government and World Health Organization guidelines.

Making a Building Safe for People to Use

New UK Government guidelines outline how employers and building managers should create a secure environment that is safe for all employees, customers and visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic; buildings must now become COVID-secure. The Entro access control Series provides the solutions needed to manage who can enter, and when & where they can safely go in a building. These product features include:

  • Track and Trace: EntroWatch is an easy to use Access Control Software Platform. With built-in WHO? WHERE? WHEN? principles the system provides for flexible permissions and control of who can go where and when.
  • Touchless Readers: EntroPad is a touchless range of Card Readers and Request to Exit (RTE) devices with built-in antimicrobial protection to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination.
  • Thermal Screening: EntroWatch integrates with Hikvision camera systems and can use their latest thermal and fever screening technologies to help identify possible virus spreaders and contaminators.
  • Occupancy Management: EntroWatch incorporates Site Wide Accountability to prevent tailgating and control how many people can enter access-controlled areas including canteens and rest rooms.

Social Distancing

The problem for many building mangers is how to ensure compliance with UK Public Health Guidelines on social distancing, implement and manage one-way traffic flows, restrict access to areas and manage occupancy levels. The EntroWatch software package provides complete control over WHO can access a building. Controlling WHO gets in supports building occupancy limits to help maintain Public Health Guidelines regarding Social Distancing.

The software provides complete control of WHERE a person can go in a building. Controlling WHERE people can go allows one-way systems to be implemented and prevent cross-contamination in different areas of a building by restricting access. The software also provides complete control of WHEN a person can access a building. Controlling WHEN a person can access a building allows for staggered entry times to assist maintaining Public Health Guidelines regarding Social Distancing.

From the EntroWatch home screen a user can see a count of the number of people on site, helping them to manage building occupancy levels. Easy-to-use attendance reports also assist Track & Trace if required.

EntroPad Touchless Access Control

Most existing Entry & Exit Touch and Contact Points are unhygienic. Readers, Keypads and Exit Buttons are a source of bacteria, incubating and potentially distributing bacteria and viruses to anybody who comes into contact with the devices next.

EntroPad is contactless range of Card Readers, Request to Exit buttons and Keypads with antimicrobial protection to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination. The read range is up to 8cm. EntroPad is surrounded by a configurable multi-colour light band and can be colour coded creating a traffic light approach to the entry and exit of shared areas including canteens and rest rooms.

EntroPad also Wiegand compatible and can be used with any Wiegand compatible access control system; ideal for new projects or retrofit applications with existing systems.

HIKvision Temperature Screening Cameras

The World Health Organization and the UK Government have identified arecent onset of a high temperature as one of three important symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19). EntroWatch integrates with Hikvision temperature screening products to allow the identification of people with elevated temperatures, their mask usage and area population densities. Hikvision screening cameras can be installed at Entry and other critical checkpoints in a building. Alarm notifications can be raised to receptions, security and facilities teams to investigate.

The Entro series provides a complete system with which to manage access control and help building owners and managers to make their facilities COVID-Secure.

A copy of the guide on how to make a building COVID-Secure can be downloaded from the Entro Series product page.

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