Health Sector Access Control

5 June 2018

Health Sector

When it comes to new builds or refurbishment projects, Remsdaq has a wealth of experience within the health sector. Our integrated security systems for access control and perimeter intrusion detection systems are deployed at a number of UK and overseas clients where they provide robust layers of security protecting hospitals and medical facilities, the personnel, patients, visitors and systems within them.

Our most commonly installed access control system is StarWatch management software and StarNet controllers.

StarWatch Management Software

The StarWatch graphical interface security management solution is a fully integrated platform that incorporates CCTV integration, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, alarm management, guard tour and photo ID badging and is for use with StarNet access control panels. Software features include:

  • Web Server, Browser-based application and IE6 aware
  • IP or serial communications – no cost penalty for IP connection
  • 10/100 auto-switching IP interface
  • Network friendly – does not poll over IP – unsolicited operation
  • Low cost expansion – only buy what you need
  • Integrated alarm management
  • Default settings – works right out the box
  • Entry & Exit readers at no cost penalty
  • Bi-directional turnstile and airlock support standard
  • Up to 256,000 cardholders
  • Integrated security management system
  • Windows Server 2003R2/2008R2/XP/7 compatible
  • SQL Server 2005/2008R2
  • .NET platform, 64 bit application
  • Advanced Docking Windows GUI
  • Modular design 
  • Compatible with leading business software
  • Data exchange with third parties (TPDE)
  • Future proof application
  • Simple and intuitive to operate
  • Cost effective expansion
  • Alarm Management
  • Up to 4000 access levels and zones
  • Emergency Mustering and Time-stamped Events
  • CCTV integration

StarNet Access Controllers

The StarNet range of access controllers are compatible with most readers including the Remsdaq EntroPad and is supplied in a metal enclosure with a secure (locking) front door. StarNet is based on a common mother board with 2 or 4 expansion slot options allowing the system to be customised for the individual site it is protecting. Up to 4 enclosures can connected via CANBUS to provide door control over a very large site. An optional power supply and battery back-up can be provided where there is no power supply in-situ and the system needs protection from mains power failures.