Case Studies

Callisto Delivers IEC 61850 Substation Automation

6 February 2017

SCADA for Comin Asia Vietnam

Callistonx is a third generation of the Callisto products that were first developed by Remsdaq in 1989 to meet the emerging electric utility demands for increasing intelligent networked  applications for advanced substation and distribution automation systems.

The latest enhancement to the Callisto family is the Callistonx (the nexus) system.  Like its predecessors Callistonx is designed for multipurpose applications ranging from transmission substation automation through to small pole/ground mount SCADA units for distribution automation.  Callistonx is already in use on 220/110/22 kV substation automation systems and on 22 kV distribution management and automation systems in various countries including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei and Papua New Guinea.

Callistonx has captured the successful features of its parent Callisto products and encompasses a number of state of the art requirements including:

  • Single product satisfying all substation applications from EHV substation SCADA and automation, to pole mount SCADA and distribution automation.
  • Kema certified for compliance with the IEC 61850 standard.
  • Independently certified to the highest IEC and ANSI/IEE standards for environmental, EMC and ESD withstand and susceptibility for EHV substation operations.
  • Full IEC 61850 Substation Configuration Language (SCL) editing facilities.
  • Integral Ethernet managed switch with each processing unit for economical distributed applications with secure fault tolerant station LAN operation.
  • Fully compliant IEC 61131 programmable logic.
  • Extensive high accuracy (0.2%) power system measurements, metering and power quality via integral 128 samples per cycle DSP and 16 bit plus sign analog interface.
  • Integrated feeder management protection and protection related logical nodes (IEC 61850 “P” and “R” functions).

Substation Automation Systems

Callistonx offers a unique plug and play capability for hardware I/0 facilities and Logical Device/Logical Node to be configured to meet the varying demands for differing types of substation bay control units to be incorporated into an IEC 61850 compliant substation control and/or automation system.

Some examples of diverse substation control and automation systems undertaken with Callistonx and its associated IEC 61850 Celestenx local user interface are provided below.

Comin Asia for EVN

Three IEC 61850 compliant substation projects have  been undertaken for EVN via Remsdaq’s Vietnamese business partner. These are for Tuy Hoa, Tam Ky and Hai Duong 220/110/22kV substations. Each has similar configurations for the 220 kV and 110 kV station voltages. Tam Ky and Hai Duong have more extensive 22 kV distribution level facilities and thus have a higher number of Callistonx processing nodes in their system deployments.

The system architecture, as shown in the above maintenance screen display, provides dual redundant station level facilities comprising hardened Ethernet switches, together with operator control and engineering facilities.

There are a total of 25 Callistonx bay control units that are deployed on three seamless ring fault tolerant Station LANs, each of which operates in a virtual dual LAN configuration. The 220kV Callistonxbay control units operate in dual redundant mode, with protection relays connected via fault tolerant RS 485 communication links using IEC 60870‐5‐103 protocols.

Separate communication gateways are provided for the Northern Regional Load Despatch Center (NRLDC) and for the Central Regional Load Despatch Center (CRLDC) from which fill supervisory control facilities are available using IEC 60870‐5‐101 protocols.

Each of the above referenced communication gateways supports a GPS receiver system that provides fault tolerant real time synchronisation for the entire substation control system using IEEE 1558 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Callistonx uniquely provides integral managed LAN facilities that are presented as dual 100 BaseFX Ethernet ports for fault tolerant IEC 61850 Station Bus facilities thus ensuring that no single point of failure on the Station Bus will result in isolation of a bay control unit from station level functionality.

All of the bay control units, as well as the despatch center gateway units utilise identical hardware and software modules, with the actual system functionality and I/0 capacities configured from a library of standard hardware and software modules. The Callistonx units are configured using Remsdaq’s SCL compliant CaSEnx Editor (Callisto Software Editor).

The CaSEnx software editor incorporates a number of configuration wizards that are designed to simplify overall station configuration tasks. Additionally the CaSEnx editor provides the necessary point mapping facilities to link IEC 61850 station data into the selected legacy protocols such as IEC 60870‐5‐101, and DNP 3.0, etc.

Bay and station level interlocking and control functions are configured using Callistonx IEC 61131‐3 compliant programmable logic facilities Programmable Integrated Logic Tool.

Each of the Callistonx bay control units is equipped with a 3½ inch Touchnx touch sensitive colour LCD plasma display which provides a full graphical user interface for display of bay level data and authorised operation of bay level plant commands.

The transducerless power system measurement interfaces of each Callistonx bay control unit provide highly accurate power system measurements and computations via MMXU, MMTR, MSQI, MHAI, MHAN and MMXN logical Nodes, all derived directly from a 128 sampling per cycle of the bay PT and CT waveforms.

Pestech for BMC DES Pestech SDN BHD as a Remsdaq technical teaming partner has implemented an IEC 61850 Callistonx substation control system for a Brunei Methanol Company SDN BHD (BMC) power station and its connection to the associated Brunei Department of Electrical Services (DES) substation. There are three separate locations involved in the overall scheme and these are covered by an integrated IEC 61850 Callistonx and Celestenx installation generally as shown in the display below.

The main BMC/DES substation monitoring and control system comprises an array of 8 Callistonx bay control units assembled on a fault tolerant IEC 61850 station bus that operates in virtual dual LAN mode so as to ensure that no single point of LAN failure is able to isolate any of the bay controllers from the station level functions. The substation is provided with its own IEC 61850 Celestenx local user interface.

Substation hardened Ethernet switches are used at the station level and the inbuilt managed switch facilities of Callistonx enable all bay control units assemble onto the fault tolerant Station Bus via a bay unit 100 Base TX Callistonx Ethernet expansion module.

The BMC/DES substation location is interconnected to a Callistonx RTU at the substation location and also to the DES Limut Power Station via single mode fiber optic links. The BMC power station RTU is a dual node IEC 61850 Callistonx assembly and the system at Limut Power Station provides for overall supervision and control of the entire system from a dual redundant IEC 61850 Celestenx local user interface and an associated network of Callistonx units on a fault tolerant LAN effectively providing independent telecontrol and monitoring facilities for the overall BMC/DES  system.

Transducerless power system measurement interfaces of the  Callistonx bay control units and also the RTU processing nodes provide highly accurate power system measurements and computations via MMXU, MMTR, MSQI, MHAI, MHAN and MMXN logical Nodes, all derived directly from a 128 sampling per cycle of the bay PT and CT waveforms.

Additionally the Callistonx configurable IEC 61850 RSYN logical node provides the synchronisation check facilities for switching the BMC station supply onto the DES 66 kV network. Separate time synchronisation facilities are provided via the integral GPS receiver options on a BMC/DES bay controller and also one of the BMC substation RTU processing nodes. The Callistonx system maintains real time across its networks using PTP and the Limut Power Station time synchronisation is provided by SNTP.

Pestech for SESB

Pestech SDN BHD as a Remsdaq technical teaming partner has implemented two IEC 61850 Callistonx substation control system for Sabah Electricity Supply Board of Malaysia. The projects have been implemented in the Tawau and Sandakan substations as part of a substation expansion under which Pestech has added 115 kV/33 kV transformer bays and associated substation distribution plant.

Both Tawau and Sandakan substations are equipped with ABB MicroSCADA systems that have been in operation some 10 years and SESB was desirable of including a state of the art system for the substation expansion and of integrating the existing substation control system into the newly installed system.

A block diagram of the system is included below and shows the existing and new Callistonx system, together with its integration of the existing MicroSCADA installation.

Previously the MicroSCADA system communicated with the Siemens Penampang Load Despatch Center using IEC 60870‐5‐101 protocol via a link from the Front End Server. The substation expansion project incorporated a number of Callistonx bay control units that assembled onto a fault tolerant Station Bus using the integral Callistonx managed switch and dual fiber optic Ethernet Station Bus module.

The station level system was assembled as a dual redundant Celestenx LUI with separate engineering and configuration facilities linked via a substation hardened Ethernet switch. A Callistonx gateway processing unit is configured on the Station Bus as a global client to the bay control units and also incorporates an IEC 60870‐5‐101 client as a control and supervision interface for all existing MicroSCADA data. This data is mapped to the Celestenx LUI so that it is able to handle all station level supervision and controls for the existing and newly installed plant.

The Callistonx gateway then provides a comprehensive IEC 60870‐5‐101 interface to the Siemens master station for the existing and
additional   substation plant supervision and control.

In addition to supporting comprehensive IEC61850 Logical nodes for measurements, metering, harmonics, etc, the Callistonx bay control units incorporated RSYN facilities for synchronisation of the new supply system onto the station bus.